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The composition is handmade and every single creation is a unique piece, there is no one like the other.


The materials used to create the composition are:


- Murano glass , using pure silica sand which takes on different colors with the addition of common metal oxides. This compound, with very small additions of other substances, is melted at very high temperatures, turning into colored glass.
Each color is characterized by a different oxide which determines its intensity based on the quantity used.

- White ABS frame , designed and created by the designer Henrik Preutz.

Plastic was chosen as the material, because it can be shaped freely. This allowed to separate the frame from the base and to pack it in a flat pack, so it takes up less space and is easier to transport.


The composition, thanks to its measures, adapts to any environment.


  • Width: 12 cm

    Height: 21 cm

  • Cornice in plastica bianca in ABS

    Soggetto fantasia su Vetro 

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